It Is so Ordered: A Milestone Win for the Henry Hadaway Organisation in Nashville

The Henry Haddaway Organisation sees an earlier ruling overturned defending its case against One Media iP

In a landmark ruling the Nashville courts overturn the default judgement entered against the Henry Hadaway Organisation. In the case of One Media iP Ltd. vs Henry Hadaway Organisation Ltd in the United States District Court Middle District of Tennessee Nashville Division it was ordered on Wednesday the 7th February 2017 that the prior default judgement against the Hadaway Defendants is vacated and the action is dismissed.

A case spanning for almost 3 years now One Media has been attempting to establish the involvement of the Henry Hadaway Organisation relating to an infringement case between One Media and an Italian record label SAAR srl. and its digital distributor Believe Digital. Wednesday’s ruling reaffirms the Henry Hadaway Organisation’s position, the absence of its involvement in the claims and the Nashville courts lack of jurisdiction over the issue and thus the Hadaway Defendants.

Judge Trauger concludes: “…the court finds that there is no basis for establishing personal jurisdiction over the Hadaway Defendants and their motion must be granted.”

“We have asked One Media on a number of occasions to bring proceedings to the UK, which would be the proper forum to address any disputes between two British companies. After tirelessly arguing for this in Nashville, we are happy the courts have ruled in favour and that One Media has been stopped in its tracks of giving rise to false claims.” Henry Hadaway added.