'MIDEM News' Article About HHO

Music industry veteran Henry Hadaway is celebrating his 40th anniversary in the music industry during 2009. He is back at MIDEM looking for publishing catalogues to acquire and to license titles from HHO's 800 strong publishing catalogue, which is being relaunched.

Hadaway started out in 1969 as a concert agent and promoter, and in 1973 formed HHO, which at the time included the Satril Records label and a recording studio. In particular the company had considerable success in Japan and, more recently, in 2004 Hadaway opened offices in Sydney, Australia.

'The key to the company's longevity, and the fact that it has survived as an independent, has been down to keeping abreast of trends and not following them' Hadaway said, "In 2006, we launched Bringins Multimedia and A-List Productions to deal with all aspects of visual production.

'At MIDEM, we are promoting the visual and downloaded side of the company. Nowadays, it's not sufficient to just release physical product - the internet and mobile phones are equally important. HHO is constantly looking for new platforms to exploit its vast audio, visual and publishing catalogue'