Label Services

Finished Product / Manufacturing

HHO have a wealth of experience in replication and duplication services for optical disc media. We understand the entire production process, from concept, through to product design, manufacturing and delivery.

For almost 20 years, HHO have served a range of international customers including wholesalers, labels and independent artists with pressing services (CD, DVD, Vinyl), distribution of label product lines and manufacture of bespoke product ranges designed exclusively for individual customer needs. Using the extensive multimedia rights catalogue, HHO are able to release both re-issue titles and new lines on any form of media desired, delivered anywhere in the world. All products are brand new, factory-finished, produced to order.

Why choose HHO for your production needs?

  • HHO catalogue available for bespoke physical exploitation
  • In-house concept design team with media expertise
  • Competitively priced, quality products
  • Fast lead times for domestic and international orders

HHO Finished Products

If you are interested in ordering from HHO's established product lines, you can browse the HHO finished product catalogue

Click here to download the HHO finished product catalogue

Digital Distribution

HHO are partnered with a global distribution network, capable of delivering your digital multimedia content to over 40 different online stores across 240 territories. Whether you're an independent artist, or a label looking for support with your digital delivery, HHO can tailor a solution to support your distribution needs.

To enquire about digital distribution for audio or video content, get in touch.